North offers one year FREE sail care and repair with the purchase of a new North cruising, racing or one-design sail. This program is honored anywhere in North’s WORLDWIDE network of sales and service locations.

This bold new program is a testament to two important cornerstones of North Sails’ worldwide leadership in sailmaking...

  1. North makes high quality products, and...
  2. North stands behind every sail we build.

Now, when you hoist your new North sail, you’ll experience performance AND peace of mind.

Terms and conditions

  1. Program is offered with the purchase of a new North sail... and is valid for one year (12 months) from the delivery date.

  2. Program is for racing and cruising boats up to 40 ft. (12.2 meters) LOA.

  3. One-Design sails are included.

  4. North CSD (Class Sail Development) classes are NOT included.

  5. Downwind racing sails and downwind cruising sails used for racing are NOT included.

  6. Sail washing is not included.

  7. Shipping or delivery is not included.

  8. Aftermarket upgrades or retrofitting are not included.

  9. Sail re-shaping is not included.

  10. If damage to your sail approaches or exceeds its current value, the sail shall be deemed not repairable.

  11. NO NEED TO REGISTER! You will automatically be registered for one year (12 months) of free sail care when your new sail is invoiced by your local North Sails loft.

Have a great sailing season!